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IMM MISSION TRIP - MARCH 15 - APRIL 6, 2018 - Ian (UK), Ben and Stuart (USA) will visit Bolivia and work with 12 workers from Bolivia and Peru. 

IMAGINE – Today, tens of thousands of miners worshipping statues of the devil on every level of the Bolivian mines, deceived into thinking the devil will provide protection and help them find the minerals.

IMAGINE – the spiritual need high in the remote Andes mining areas, the poorest and least reached areas of the poorest countries in South America.

IMAGINE – less than a handful of miners are “Christians” – most lead double lives, & desperately need help.

IMAGINE – local churches in the mining areas having given up trying to reach miners for Christ.    

In this context IMM has worked for 25 years, supporting 9 Bolivian and 3 Peruvian workers.  One IMM ministry reaches out to 350 children. 

 We will visit every IMM ministry site in Bolivia, taking us to various parts of the country.  Our three Peruvian workers and their wives will join us in La Paz, Bolivia for a few days of fellowship near the end of our mission trip.

We are thankful to Eliseo Quispe and Ruben Paco for working on arrangements in Bolivia.

We are responsible for travel costs for the Bolivian workers while we are in Bolivia and for the Peruvians expenses as well.  We thank God for $2500 already given, but a further $ 5000 is still needed to cover all costs.  Looking back we thank Him for providing for the many mission trips we have taken over the past 25 years, and now we trust Him to provide again.   Stuart Burns IMM USA Gen. Secretary

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