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ZIMBABWE – water borehole project completed

In collaboration with IMM Switzerland, we are pleased to report the completed installation of the desperately needed water borehole at the Rutendo ‘Mine Mission’ compound in September of this year. As a result there is now adequate fresh water for all those living round the Mission. Our partners in Zimbabwe are so very grateful for the funding provided, partly due to a very generous gift from a Swiss supporter of the IMM.

It is no longer necessary for the paBorehole Rig Installationstor to have to turn away people because of a lack of water. The installation now needs a protective fence round it to ensure there are no unwanted visits are made. As a result of gifts coming in from German supporters of IMM it has been possible to send out funds to provide this essential fencing. 

The pastor writes: “The miners are so grateful to you for the greatest love you have shown in making possible for them to draw fresh water.”




Borehole Rig Installation



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